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Nova Launcher6.1.6

Nova launcher is quite simply one of the most complete launchers that one can find today under Android. After many years, the developers manage to offer us the best of what we expected from an application of this type. The extensive customization is very interesting.

Nova launcherFor many years now on Android, users have been able to install something called an alternative launcher. Among the many choices available, some have become very well known and are no longer presented. This is particularly the case of the very complete Nova launcher. After numerous updates and a constant enrichment in terms of its functionalities, what is it really today in the context of daily use? We will give you our opinion after having used it for several days in its latest major version.

What is a launcher?

This is an application that you will install on your Android phone or tablet and which will simply replace your main interface. The place where you have your widgets, applications and shortcuts will now be different. The advantage of a launcher is that it can allow you to have an interface to your taste very easily without obligation to have to keep that of the basic manufacturer (Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony …).

In addition, many application launchers now offer advanced features that bring real comfort and a more pleasant experience every day. It is also a way to refresh the interface of your phone without having to buy a new device.

Nova Launcher: a dinosaur in the world of launchers

For several years now, this application has been available on the Play Store. The seriousness of the developers is no longer to prove and we know that they are reactive to correct any bugs or even to add new features. Today in version 6.X, Nova has the maturity necessary to be able to be used now without the slightest frustration on the user side. In addition, with this latest major version, the application has now become more than a benchmark in the field, in particular thanks to its richness in personalization parameters.

What does it bring to the level of personalization?

The strong point of the application is the almost extreme customization it offers you. From the start and after the installation of Nova launcher, you will be asked two or three choices: light or dark mode, quick gestures for your shortcuts … Once you have passed these very simple steps, you will discover a launcher ultimately very classic. At least, at first glance. Indeed, once the application drawer is open: go to the settings and discover the crazy possibilities for personalization:

• Size of the desktop and the grid • Customization of the dock • Options for widgets and your wallpaper • Customization of the style of the application drawer • Change the style of your icons • Choose the animations of the launcher and their speeds. .

You will understand, there are so many choices that you almost get lost. This is perhaps a small criticism that we could make of Nova despite a very simple customization interface. Note that the vast majority of the main features are available in the free version and therefore you are under no obligation to buy the Prime version which offers even more, but we will come back to this.

If you do not want to take the lead with advanced customization, also know that it is quite possible to download themes for Nova launcher on the Play Store.

What are Nova’s other strengths on Android?

Beyond personalization, Nova launcher will also provide you with an exemplary user experience. This is what we really liked during our test: responsiveness, lightness and efficiency. It is ultimately the three words that best define the experience we were able to have after several days of daily testing. We already knew Nova in the past but it was important to test this reference again after several years of constant updates.

Also note that other features are very interesting. This is particularly the case with the backup and restore function of your interface. If you change your phone, for example, you can then easily export and re-import your configuration. You will then find all your applications, icons and settings in one place! This is very interesting because we know how customizing its interface can be long and tedious at times.

What is the paid version of Nova Launcher worth?

Offered at € 5.25, the paid version of Nova will unlock new features. If they are not essential, they will still bring you additional comfort. To give you an idea of ​​the features available in the “Prime” version, here is a non-exhaustive list:

• Additional gestures to quickly access certain shortcuts • Possibility to hide applications • Customize folders in the drawer • Possibility to create tabs and folders in the applications drawer • Addition of additional transitions

We will also appreciate the fact that you are never really pushed to check out despite using the free version at the start. However, for also having been able to try the paid version: we do not notice any noticeable change in daily comfort (apart from adding the functionalities mentioned above). However, remember that if you are a daily user of Nova, it may be a good idea to support developers by switching to the Prime version.