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Notre-Dame de Paris: Apple Store architects want a glass roof


Posted: june 11, 2019
Updated: June 11, 2019

by Steve

The fire of Notre Dame de Paris was considered by many to be a true national drama. The religious monument, finished building in 1345 after two centuries of work, blazed and with it its spire and part of its roof. Many debates are currently in progress, between the defenders of an identical reconstruction, and those who want, like Viollet-le-Duc (responsible for the inauguration of a new spire in 1859), add contemporary modifications.

The architects of the famous Apple Store of New York, all in glass, seem in any case to have made their choices. The Eight studio, which has taken care of multiple Apple stores, offers to put glass on the roof of the cathedral. Thus, light could penetrate the monument, and mix Gothic with modernity.

We do not know if this construction is feasible. But given the experience of the architecture studio Eight, no doubt he could very well take care of it. For the reconstruction of the cathedral, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe launched an international architectural competition to determine what the monument will be made in the future. The best proposal should be retained at the end. If the Eight studio has made its decision, we wonder what the multinational Apple thinks.