Note 20 Ultra 5G: its screen takes the lead of the DxOMark ranking

The Note 20 Ultra 5G screen takes the lead in the DxOMark ranking with a score of 90 for the Snapdragon 888 version and 89 for the Exynos 2100 variant. DxOMArk explains this difference of one point by the rendering differences directly related to the chipset of these two variants.

Galaxy Note 20 Display DxOMark
Credit: Phonandroid

We already knew that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Exynos 990 had the best screen on the market. DxOMark gave it a rating of 89 a few weeks ago, one point higher than the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the OnePlus 8 Pro (88). This did not prevent DxOMark from revealing a slightly different score for the Snapdragon 865+ variant of the smartphone.

The Note 20 Ultra sold in North America takes the lead with a score of 90. They have however strictly the same screen, but DxOMark explains that “The chipset has become such a factor in the way the software part of the smartphone optimizes the performance of the screen” that the organization was able to highlight the differences between these two versions.

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Note 20 Ultra 5G Snapdragon vs Exynos: the chipset has an impact on the quality of rendering on the screen

“In terms of readability […] the screen of both Samsung got the same score. But the Snapdragon version of the device produces more accurate colors in the Gallery app and has better scores for moving images, which gives it a slight edge ”, details DxOMark. Before specifying that everything is not perfect on the Snapdragon version either.

“However, we note that the Snapdragon version has lower scores in video due to awkward tone mapping, especially in low light ”. DxOMark also cites a contrast management “not great”. Beyond the two variants have the same problem around the blue light filter – which turns out not to remove that much blue light.

Finally, the touch screen part is not, according to DxOMark tests still very precise. The organization concludes: “Samsung can be proud that its two variants of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G occupy the first and second place in our display ranking”. Note also that the DxOMark screens classification does not necessarily agree with that of the real leader in this field, DisplayMate – since the latter judges the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max better than that of the Note 20 Ultra.