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Norton Mobile Security secures iOS devices

Norton Mobile Security secures iOS devices

The company specializes in the edition of security software and anti-virus offers the update of its suite Norton Mobile Security which offers many features aimed at securing devices under iOS, in addition to devices under Android.

This is a new feature at Symantec, it is indeed the first time that this company specializes in security and anti-virus software offers a solution aimed at strengthening the security of iOS devices. So yes, this new paid tool is already taking up functionality (saving the address book, locating the device, locking and erasing remote data, etc.) that can already be found for free in the services offered by Apple. However, the Mobile Security suite offers many other features that could come in handy if your iPhone or iPad is stolen or lost. This is particularly the case for the Alarm functionality which, as its name suggests, makes it possible to set off a remote alarm in order to more easily find your mobile device parked at home.

Another interesting feature is the “Look” feature, which can give some hope to victims of theft from their iPhone or iPad. Indeed, this feature captures photos without the knowledge of the owner of the device. These photos are then sent confidentially to an email address predefined by the owner of the device.

People who don't want to be disturbed at specific times of the day will appreciate a feature that offers to block calls and texts from specific phone numbers, anonymous or unknown numbers.

Android devices will also benefit from protection against viruses, malware and spam. The suite also analyzes downloaded applications in order to detect possible threats, as well as memory cards.

Norton Mobile Security is offered priced at 29.99 per year for one device (49.99 for two and one device).

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