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“No screen for 3 years”: the Senate wants to limit the exposure of children

Ten years after the first warning from the Superior Audiovisual Councill (CSA): ” no screen for three years “, the Senate has just adopted in committee (unanimously) a bill, passed on November 14, aimed at obliging manufacturers of digital devices and games (tablets, smartphones, computers, consoles, etc.) to warn users of risks related to excessive overexposure to screens and to plan a national awareness campaign.

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The text of the bill “ translates the alerts launched by numerous pediatricians, psychiatrists, health and early childhood professionals, as well as the Academy of Sciences on the consequences of young children’s exposure to screens for their development Explained Catherine Morin-Desailly, the president of the Culture, Education and Communication Committee.

The text also highlights the setting up of a national campaign to raise awareness of good practices in terms of children’s exposure to screens. The bill repeats the “3-6-9-12” rule developed by psychiatrist Serge Tisseron: no screens before 3 years old, no games console without supervision before 6 years old, no Internet before 9 years old and supervised use of the Internet from 12 years old. The bill will be definitively voted this Tuesday in public session.