no real update to Windows 10 foresee

no real update to Windows 10 foresee

This is not entirely a surprise but it is confirmed: Windows RT (which works on ARM processor) as it was revealed at the same time that Windows 8 should not survive, at least in its current form, the transition to Windows 10.

The group Microsoft indicated that his tablets Surface Pro 3 as well as the entire Surface Pro range will be entitled to an update to Windows 10. However, the Surface RT and the Surface 2 will not be able to benefit from it.


The Redmond group promises all the same an update to come for the RT tablets which should resume some aspects of Windows 10. The situation is reminiscent of that of Windows Phone 7 which had been entitled to an update Windows Phone 7.8 using some of the ingredients of Windows Phone 8, failing to benefit from a complete migration.

The site The Verge suggests that part of the Universal Applications, one of the new features in Windows 10, could be offered on Windows RT tablets. Having become the latest manufacturer of Windows RT devices, since all of its partners have gradually left the segment, there is hardly any support left for an unloved platform.