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no new Lumia flagship until Windows 10 is ready

In an interview with The Verge, Neil Broadley, marketing director of the mobile division of Microsoft confirmed that the group was waiting to have a final version of Windows 10 before launching a smartphone oriented towards the high-end segment.

Microsoft Lumia 435 "We believe that the best time to offer this type of high-end terminal will only come when we offer our brand new software experience with Windows 10."

If part of the already existing range of Lumia smartphones will automatically switch to Windows 10 through an update, Microsoft is still waiting to complete its multiplatform OS to design a mobile platform with a technical sheet clearly optimized for the OS.

The problem is, Windows 10 shouldn't be available until the end of the year. In the meantime, users will therefore have to be tempted by Windows smartphones occupying the entry or the mid-range … This will not allow Microsoft to truly occupy the field in the face of the release of real flagships from the competition: between Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, One M9 and many more that are already showing up at MWC.

The long-awaited flagship of Microsoft should not be presented before October or September next … It will therefore be necessary to bet on the exit of high-end Windows phone from Microsoft partners like Samsung or HTC but then again, nothing is assured.

It is not with its recent Lumia 640 and 640 XL that Microsoft will expand its market share, the size of which was recently mentioned: 2.7% internationally according to IDC.

With the acquisition of Nokia, we hoped to see Microsoft accelerate the release of its terminals and its OS. Instead, the firm has plunged into a year of transition that looks like a sabbatical year as the changes are minor and the models presented as revisions more than novelties. Meanwhile, Android continues to gain market share, driven by the strong growth of Chinese manufacturers.

So now remains to be seen if Windows 10 will really make a difference and if Microsoft is not likely to definitely miss the mark of the mobile by betting all its hopes on a single product.