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No 3D Touch on iPhone 2019? It is confirmed


Posted: July 10 2019
Updated: July 10, 2019

by Steve

When 3D Touch arrived on iPhone, it was the revolution. Incorporating a pressure system into a touch screen had never been done before. The most fascinated by technology hoped with its arrival a whole series of useful improvements. In the end, 3D Touch especially brought a lot of shortcuts. In summary, nothing incredible, since everything was about the gadget. A lack of utility that surely pushed Apple to think about saving this functionality.

According to the site generally very well informed DigiTimes, future iPhone would indeed be devoid of 3D Touch, the apple brand having decided not to renew this technology for the iPhone of 2019. If the 3D Touch disappears, it will surely be in favor of the Haptic Touch, which had makes its appearance on the iPhone XR. Unlike the 3D Touch, the Haptic Touch is entirely managed by software, which limits manufacturing costs. It provides access to a series of quick actions by long pressing on the screen.

According to sources cited by DigiTimes, the suppliers of Apple TPK Holding and General Interface Solution still continue to produce the component necessary for 3D Touch for current iPhones. In short, the sequel to the next episode…