Transfer files easily on the same network

Also available for Windows and macOS computers, NitroShare is an Android application that lets you send and receive files with other devices on the same local network. Exit therefore the transfer via Internet, the user must connect his tablet or his smartphone to the same wireless network as the other devices and computers of the network.NitroShare

How do I send and receive files?

To send a file to another device, simply click on the red arrow located at the bottom right of the interface or choose the “Send Items” option from the drop-down menu on the left side. The application does not simplify the classification of documents, music or videos because it only offers the tree structure of Android files without classification. A shortcoming which can be tedious when the shipment concerns files from different sources.

Once the files have been selected, simply choose the device of your choice on the same local network. This step displays random results during our tests. On the 3 devices connected on the network, the application finds only the Android smartphone and the Mac but ignores the Windows PC. Connecting to certain devices on the local network can therefore be problematic.

However, the transfers made are rapid in one direction as in the other. Among other features on mobile, the application offers to refuse downloads and automatically replace files with the same name.


Too minimalist interface

To make it too simple, the interface of NitroShare is found devoid of essential features. For example, management of received files is impossible, the user cannot view the content of downloads or have a quick shortcut to downloaded files. To do this, you have to go manually to the download folder mentioned in the app options.