Nintendo Switch Pro: the console with 4K OLED screen is precise for 2021

Rumors are intensifying around the Nintendo Switch Pro. New information indicates that the future console would have an OLED screen and that a new SoC in its dock would allow 4K compatibility. No release date has yet been communicated.

Nintendo Switch
Credit: Unsplash

Nintendo Switch Pro is a reality and fans around the world are on the lookout for official console information. Pending a press release from the Japanese firm on the subject, the SciresM leaker unveiled new elements of its technical sheet. Among them, we find in particular the presence of a OLED display, of 4K support, as well as its code name: Aula.

Last September, we revealed to you that the manufacturer had asked the studios to switch to Ultra HD for their Switch games, which could herald the transition from the console to higher resolutions. According to SciresM, “It could be 4K, given the signs I find in the firmware”, before specifying that “Nothing has been confirmed yet” and that he “Could be wrong”.

Nintendo Switch Pro will have an OLED screen and better battery life

The leaker is however sure of one thing: “The console itself definitely has a better screen”, before asserting that it is a OLED display. Nevertheless, the portable version of the Switch Pro however, should not display a better resolution. 4K should indeed be available only in dock mode, thanks to a modernized SoC included in the system.

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SciresM also mentions autonomy “Significantly” augmented compared to the standard version. Good news for gamers, as Nintendo recommends recharging the battery every six months to avoid losing battery life. Finally, the leaker announces that the games will benefit from the same performance improvements as PS4 games running on PS4 Pro.

For now, it is still difficult to confirm this information, although many clues seem to point in this direction. The Switch, which surpassed the NES in terms of sales, remains a huge success for Nintendo, but will however have to face the PS5 and Xbox Series X this year. The firm will therefore have no other choice but to offer a console at the height of his generation.

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