Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizon

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizons: where to find it in stock?

The Nintendo Switch bundle in Animal Crossing New Horizons colors with the integrated game is in stock. Amazon, Auchan and Boulanger are among the rare merchants to offer it and it costs 350 € instead of 380 €. If you want to give it away for Christmas, now is the time to buy it.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing New Horizon

Black Friday week continues to be in full swing. The Nintendo Switch remains one of the star consoles of this great mass of good deals. We will still find it under many trees this year, despite the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. You want to give it away for Christmas? Nothing like a pack bearing the image of Nintendo’s flagship game released in 2020.

There is indeed a bundle containing the Switch and Animal Crossing New Horizon. The console is completely personalized like the life simulation game. From the docking station to the Joy-Con controllers (in turquoise blue) via the Switch itself. Usually billed at € 379.99, the Bundle is currently available at the lowest price at € 349.99.

So this is an excellent opportunity to offer you the Animal Crossing New Horizon pack with the Switch. Knowing that the bundle is rare on the one hand and that you benefit from a significant saving of 30 €. Almost four years after its release, the price of the Nintendo Switch has not budged. Excluding promotions, the console is still available at almost all merchants at € 299.99.