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Nintendo claims $ 15 million from former pirate site

Nintendo is seeking $ 15 million in damages after filing a lawsuit against RomUniverse, a hugely popular former site that distributed free copies of the firm’s games. Matthew Storman, creator of the platform which denies any accusation, is suspected of having destroyed evidence.

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It’s a trial that has lasted since September 2019. The legal battle between Nintendo and RomUniverse, one of the most popular pirate sites in the video game world. According to the Japanese firm, the platform has infringes many copyrights by distributing pirated copies of its games for free. She adds that the latter made the situation worse by proposing a paid subscription allowing you to download games at will.

“This is a very clear case of video game piracy, and the material facts are indisputable”, argues Nintendo. “For more than 10 years, Matthew Storman […] posted thousands of copies of Nintendo games on its platform and distributed hundreds of thousands ”. Matthew Storman, the creator of the site, opposes these allegations and believes he has breaking any law. He decided to do without a lawyer and defend himself alone in front of the judges.

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Nintendo accuses Matthew Storman of destroying evidence

To back up its point, the Japanese firm asked Matthew Storman to provide material evidence of its activity, such as tax notice and downloads data. After initially declaring that he was unable to obtain these documents, the creator of RomUniverse finally sent his tax notices, but was unable to make the download figures available.

Storman also claims to no longer have access to the Discord server on which the members of the site exchanged information. At the same time, said server has disappeared of the social network. It is still unavailable to this day. For Nintendo, it is clear that Storman is looking to get rid of evidence that can turn against him. “After refusing to provide key elements of the case, Mr Storman preferred to destroy them”.

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The Japanese firm claims $ 15 million to Matthew Storman for copyright infringement. It also requires that the creator of RomUniverse destroy all copies of pirated games and delete his domain name. Storman still has the opportunity to respond to these allegations before justice makes a final decision.

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