Nine moults in SFR

Nine moults in SFR

The new Neufbox from ... SFRLogically, SFR has just announced the disappearance of the Neuf brand in favor of its name. Acquired by the second French mobile operator, Neuf Télécom therefore disappears from the world of ADSLAsynchronous Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology allowing access to broadband internet directly by your telephone line….

A tactile logoFor this, SFR is adorned with a new, more dynamic logo with a “tactile dimension” according to Franck Esser, CEO of the brand. A new slogan appears “And the world is yours”.

In practice, this does not change much for Neuf’s customers, nor for the offer. They can always request a “Neufbox”, the name of the set top box being kept, but now marked SFR. The only notable improvement, the access provider undertakes to provide free of charge (with a deposit of 60 euros) a USB keyBus connection by cable from external devices which is today the most widespread standard. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a standard appeared… 3GThird generation mobile phone network based in Europe on the UMTS (Universal Mobile Communications System) standard. 3G is intended for…+ subscribers whose line has been unavailable for more than 48 hours. Even the ADSL package offered by SFR will keep the Neufbox appellation in order to surf the notoriety of the brand already acquired in the field.

After the launch of the Bouygues Telecom Bbox (Bouygues launches its Bbox in ADSL) a few days ago, we therefore find ourselves on an ADSL market which strangely resembles that of mobile phones (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom) with however a troublemaker who will do everything to seize the last 3G license: Free (The 4th 3G license is making a controversial comeback).

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