Nike launches its Fuelband bracelet

Nike launches its Fuelband bracelet

Nike is launching the FuelBand, a bracelet for joggers and / or people who want to improve their physical condition.

The FuelBand bracelet somewhat reminds the Jawbone UP whose marketing abruptly stopped due to technical problems. Indeed, the new accessory from Nike is equipped with an accelerator capable of measuring several types of data (time, calories burned and steps) and then converted to Fuel, the metric measurement created by Nike.

When in use, your activity is displayed on a gauge composed of 20 LEDs, ranging from red or green. The goal, as you will have understood, is to reach green at the end of your day.

All of this data will be synchronized and accessible on your Nike + account (PC, Mac and iPhone) via the integrated USB port or Bluetooth connection.

Currently, the FuelBand is available for pre-order in the United States, on Nike site, priced at 149.

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Video demonstration: