Nike + GPS temporarily available

Nike + GPS temporarily available

If you are a jogging enthusiast (or planning to do it), you will certainly be delighted to learn that the Nike + GPS app is offered on the App Store (instead of 1.59). This is a temporary offer from the OEM to mark the fifth anniversary of the Nike + program. Remember that the application does not require an adapter to slip into one of your shoes to work (it uses the GPS chip in the iPhone or iPod touch). However, it is recommended that you hold your iPhone or iPod touch in your hand so that the application can precisely calculate the distances traveled and plot the trajectory followed on a map.

Application features:

– Record your pace and distance traveled while using the GPS chip and the timer on your iDevice so you can keep on focusing on the road and discover your results afterwards.

– Each time you take up your new challenges, go further, faster, or reach your goals, celebrate your victories with pleasure and listen to motivational messages from top level sports partners of Nike.

– When using the app, get information / feedback on where you are. Then activate the PowerSong personalized to further motivate you.

– Quickly send your results to where you can then brag to your friends, invite them to join the challenges, set goals and also connect with the rest of the Nike community.

– The Nike GPS application was designed for the iPhone, but it is also compatible with the iPod touch (without the mapping functions).

Download Nike + GPS on the App Store.

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