Nike changes its automatic laage shoe

Nike changes its automatic laage shoe

skynet wrote:

What interest frankly? Especially since we often try to change the tightening according to our actions (more support, more comfort, …). Do you see yourself taking out your phone to change the tightening? And pay 720 € for that?

Well agree with you, but from what I have seen in recent years, a product does not necessarily need to have an interest to sell, all it takes is a buzz or a good marketing that makes you believe that you are no longer in the game if you do not buy this product.

That said, it will surely be all the rage among "young people" who already pay € 35 for a super basic white t-shirt (in design and quality), but there is marked "Levis" on it then … When we see the success of some overpriced products among young people (why you all think of the iPhone, I said nothing ), I don't think the price will be a barrier for some parents who give up everything.

To finish, if we analyze all this more seriously, the interest for the consumer, there is none apart from displaying his fortune (existing or not), on the other hand the interest for Nike, I see it all immediately: An application? I'm curious to see the authorizations requested … Being able to siphon the smartphones of young people is very profitable when we see that young people, whatever they do, always have their smartphone in hand and put their whole life in it (photos, discussions , browsing history etc …).

Even if the application does not ask for abusive authorizations, according to some articles which were passed, it is possible for an application which does not ask for authorization, to communicate with another application which it, has its authorizations and they can exchange data. Nike is not a small brand on the corner of the street, it is easy to imagine partnerships behind the store with applications like Facebook (which holds instagram, whatsapp, messenger), or Google (which holds heeeuuu almost everything), or Apple (which also have an entire eco-system).

In short, for me, there is no doubt that the operation will be largely profitable for Nike, otherwise I think they would not do it. They have for them the hype always present around the films "Back to the future" where still many people dream of having a flying Delorean (I'm not sure of the spelling), a hoverboard or even nike self-lacing .