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night mode is the honor in a new Apple ad

iPhone 11 - mode nuit

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro / Max are equipped with a “night mode” function which enables better shots in low light. If you didn't know it yet, then it was not without counting on Apple to let you know.

iPhone 11 - night mode Your night photos in their best light

It is true that this night mode makes all the difference. And if you are not yet convinced then Apple invites you to watch its latest video. Firstly, this function is intended to be useful by the simple fact that it is activated automatically as soon as the light conditions are suitable. In a second step, it is enough to see the result when comparing a photo taking with or without the night mode. Apple did it for you in this video, accompanies the soundtrack “We only come out at night” Smashing Pumpkins:

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