Nice drop in price on the SanDisk Ultra Fit 512 GB USB 3.1 key, fast!

Need to free up storage space from a desktop PC, laptop or smartphone? Take advantage of this Amazon good deal that allows you to acquire the SanDisk Ultra Fit 512 GB USB 3.1 key at -42%.

SanDisk Ultra Fit 512 GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Direction the French platform of Amazon where the online commerce giant offers a nice drop in price on the purchase of a USB 3.1 key with a large storage capacity.

During an indefinite period, the merchant site makes it possible to obtain the SanDisk Ultra Fit 512 GB at a price of 68.33 euros instead of 116.99 euros; an immediate discount of nearly 49 euros. The price of the product being greater than 25 euros of purchase, there are no additional shipping costs for home delivery.

Coming back to the USB key associated with this deal, the SanDisk Ultra Fit (reference SDCZ430-512G-G46) has a USB 3.1 interface that is 15 times faster than a traditional USB 2.0 key. With a compact “Plug-and-Stay” design, it is possible to connect the USB key to a laptop, tablet, TV, or even a car radio. Finally, the SanDisk Ultra Fit has read speeds of up to 130MB / s, measures 30 x 14 x 5 millimeters and has a 5-year warranty.