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News, Tutorial – My device is blocked in Safe Mode: How to fix this?

This is an issue that many users of jailbroken devices face. Indeed, it happens sometimes that after installing a package, an update, or even sometimes nothing, that your device goes into safe mode.

Of course, misfortunes never happen alone: ​​you can’t get out of it (when you’ve tried reboot respring etc…), and your device keeps going into safe mode for a yes or no.

Here is a tutorial allowing you to determine where the problem comes from, and therefore to fix errors.

174 News, Tutorial My device is blocked in Safe Mode: How to fix this?

But first of all, what is “Safe Mode”?

It is true that this mode remains rather vague among the users of jailbroken devices!

In fact, when you install a cydia package, it usually has another package to work: Mobile Substrate.

We are not going to detail what Mobile Substrate is, but in fact Safe Mode is one of the features of Mobile Substrate. Indeed, it is true that jailbreaking your device involves a lot of risks: instability, slowdowns, crash, or even bugs in the device, where only a restoration fixes the problem.

To prevent this, Saurik, the creator of cydia, has added this Safe Mode feature, which simply prevents the device from completely crashing.

So, when the device goes into Safe Mode, tell yourself that it probably should have crashed completely: p

To return to the tutorial, here are all the manipulations, to be carried out in order, which should allow you to get out of there.

Handling 1

First of all, to exit safe mode, first try to restart the iPhone, it may sometimes solve the problem.

Handling 2

If manipulation 1 did not work, here is a second manipulation.

It simply consists of removing recently installed packages and rebooting the device.

Handling 3

To be tested in the event that manipulation 2 did not work.

This manipulation allows you to determine the cause of the problem.

You need to install a Cydia package called “Crash Reporter” (if you are on a cheek device, click here, otherwise manually search for the package in cydia ;-))

Once installed, launch the application.

Go to the SpringBoard menu, then click on Top Crash.

Normally, Crash reporter should find the cause of the problem, you will only have to uninstall the lame package, the source, or other.

Note. Do not forget to then send an email to the developer of the application causing the problem, this is how he will be able to correct bugs in a future update 😉

Handling 4

The 4th manipulation is to simply ask for help. It is placed in 4th position because it is always good to be able to manage on your own, in the sense that one day if no one answers you you will know how to do it 😉

You can for example go to our forum and ask your questions:

Handling 5

The last and more “bad” manipulation is to simply restore your iPhone, and configure it as “new iPhone” (and not from a backup).

It’s the least pleasant, but at this stage you don’t have much choice: p


Normally, you should be able to warn your iPhone of any problems. Again, don’t hesitate to ask questions 😉

The iPhone3GSystem team, via Saurik

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