News – Safari goes to version 5.1.4

Safari 5.1.4 300x116 - News - Safari passe en version 5.1.4


Posted: March 12 2012Updated: March 12, 2012

by Théau

Apple just updated Safari version 5.1.4. The purpose of this update is to improve the stability and the performance from the famous Navigator from the Cupertino company.

Safari 5.1.4 300x116 - News - Safari goes to version 5.1.4

There are many improvements:

– Improved JavaScript.

– Improved response time in case of intermittent connection.

– Fixed bug related to flashing at the bottom of web pages.

– The resolution of a flash display problem after a touch zoom.

– Resolution on the side of HTML5.

– Improved stability of start-up time using an extension.

– The resolution of a data retention problem after clicking on the “Delete site data” button.

– And some other small bug fixes!

It’s a minor update but which still brings its share of satisfactions. Enjoy!

Safari, Paul