New York: Grand Central's new Apple Store unveils

New York: Grand Central's new Apple Store unveils

The new Apple Store located in the Grand Central New York terminal was accessible to the press this Wednesday. The opportunity to discover the place in preview! Here are the first photos.


Everything is close to the new Apple Store in Grand Central, the sixth apple brand in New York City will officially open its doors to the general public this Friday at 10 a.m. However, the press was invited to discover the completely renovated place, the opportunity to discover the new brand in preview.

As a reminder, the Cupertino company paid 5 million dollars (3.4 million euros) to take over this space and the annual rent rises 800,000 dollars (or ~ 594,000 euros). The Apple Store in Grand Central extends over 1,400 square meters and is strategically positioned in a place where we see no less than 750,000 commuters crossing the corridors of the Grand Central terminal and more during the holiday periods (up to a million commuters per day).

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