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New virus infects Macs

New virus infects Macs

The Shlayer virus poses as an update for Flash Player in order to deceive its victims.

Contrary to popular belief, Macs are not immune to viruses. Apple computers are more and more targeted by pirate attacks which take advantage of their owner's confidence to make many victims. This is how the virus Shlayer, a Trojan horse, has been circulating for two years, affecting more than one user in 10 according to figures from the company specialized in cybersecurity. Kaspersky.

The virus in circulation since early 2018 is masquerading as an update to Adobe's Flash player, software that allows you to display multimedia content. Deceived, users do not hesitate to download the update. Unfortunately for them, it is actually malware like malware whose objective is to generate income by drowning the Internet browser of their users with advertisements and various links.

In two years, the virus has affected more than one in 10 MacOS users, making Shlayer the most common virus on the Mac. This status is explained by the fact that malware has successfully infiltrated many websites. Unfortunately, Shlayer is not limited to illegal sites, platforms on which Internet users are more careful. The malware has indeed infiltrated legal or even official sites, which allows it to spread more easily, Internet users having more confidence in the pop-up windows that appear on these platforms.

The macOS platform is a good source of income for cybercriminals, who are constantly looking for new ways to trick users. They use social engineering techniques to spread their malware. This case shows that such threats can be found even on legitimate websites , said one of the security analysts at Kaspersky, as reported ZDNet. Fortunately, Mac owners are more likely to be targeted by malware threats that display ads, rather than more dangerous cyber attacks such as personal data siphoning.

The United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are the most targeted countries for the Shlayer virus.

Cybersecurity researchers recommend that users install only updates from trusted sources.