New SFR plans, the end of unlimited

Red: SFR's turn to announce its low-cost offer

To counter Free, SFR is completely revamping its offer. Aim to retain customers with cheaper plans, provided they agree not to benefit from a subsidized phone. At the same time, it removes the notion of unlimited offers.

Image 1: New SFR packages, the end of unlimited

SFR announced this morning its new rate schedule which should be officially in place on June 15. The main novelty lies in the proposal made to the subscriber at the end of his commitment period to choose between renewing his mobile or seeing the price of his subscription drop (but keeping his old phone).

The operator claims to be moving towards greater transparency for consumers by clearly showing the amount of the telephone subsidy, which averages 300 euros. For an iPhone, for example, this amount would be 15 euros per month.

Subscribers who choose the formula without mobile will benefit froma decrease of 15% minimum, 25% with a re-engagement of 12 months and up to 45% in case of subscription to the Multi-Pack offer.

Subscribers who have exceeded their commitment period for a long time and who do not wish to change their mobile, can benefit from this reduction provided that they have subscribed to a 2-year commitment at least once. If this is the case, they can request to switch to a “Square” formula with reduction. For everyone else (new or old) a commitment period is inevitable.

Prepare for the arrival of Free

Even if the operator denies it, this policy which encourages customers to extend their commitment period to benefit from lower rates could make it possible to retain the maximum number of customers before the arrival of Free on the market. With prices revised downward, a simplified offer and a highly developed boutique network, SFR wants to be calm in the face of the arrival of this new player on the mobile market.

Difficult to say what will be the offer of Free, but SFR obviously does not want to engage in the battle of unlimited. Because this change of ranges was also an opportunity for the operator ofdo away with the name Illimythics. Networks are increasingly used (the number of data circulating would more than double every year) and paying accordingly for what we consume should become the norm.

Thus, the data packages presented by SFR all include a ceiling beyond which you have to top up your credit (from € 5 for an additional 250 MB). SFR indicates that this limit of 250 MB already covers the vast majority of uses since nearly 90% of Illimythics 5 Connect customers SFR currently consume less than 250MB.

Big losers: the builders

By offering more attractive non-mobile packages, SFR penalizes mobile manufacturers above all. Frank Esser, CEO of SFR confirms this change in policy will allow us to regain control in the balance of power that exists between operators and manufacturers.

“We want to set up low prices that correspond to usage. We no longer want to subsidize smartphones which people ultimately won’t use. The SFR network has value, ” says Frank Esser.

This policy should be accompanied by a tightening of the number of references available in SFR stores. Fewer models will be offered and trading conditions may tighten.

The main axes of the offer

SFR has not yet communicated on the entirety of its tariff offer but has unveiled the main lines.

Voice Squares

Mainly voice plans. From 16 € TTC / month.

Connect Squares

Mixing voice and internet on the move, these packages include 250MB or 500MB for data consumption (€ 5 for the additional 250MB).

From 16 € TTC / month.

Web Squares

Reserved for intensive use of the mobile Internet with 2GB of data (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows phone, etc.). They offer Internet access up to 14.4 Mbit / s.

From 27 € TTC / month

Absolute square

Significant consumption in both voice and data (3GB).

From 68 € TTC / month.

Spotify square

The Spotify online music service will be available on July 5 with three formulas: Connectify Square Spotify Formulas 2h of voice (250 MB of data) and 3h of voice (500 MB), from € 21 / month and € 31 TTC / month and the Square Web Spotify Formula 2h of voice (1 GB), from 32 € TTC / month. The consumption of spotify is not deducted from the data plan.


This allows you to have an additional 1GB dedicated on the 3G + network to connect anywhere PC or tablet. The MultiSurf option, which can be activated month by month, is included in the 8h and Absolute Web Square Formulas and will be offered at € 10 incl. Tax / month on the other Web Square Formulas. Two options to choose from: from June 15 using your mobile in modem mode and by the end of summer by choosing a second SIM to integrate into any 3G device.

TV on demand

To access on-demand TV services from TF1, M6 and GameOne. This service is included in the Web and Absolute Square Formulas and accessible from the SFR TV application.