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New Restrictions for Apple in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco

Six counties in the San Francisco Bay area have made a ban order for all residents who are forced to stay at home, except for exceptional reasons. In this area there is also the Apple Park in Cupertino, the headquarters of the company.

San Francisco

The new restrictions will affect nearly 7 million people living in the bay area, including Apple employees in Santa Clara County. All residents are asked to leave home only for the need, at least for the next three weeks. Only people who provide essential services, such as public security, sanitation or medical services, can go to work. Food stores, pharmacies, banks and restaurants may remain open, but only to offer take-out services, hardware stores, gas stations and veterinary surgeries.

All companies were asked to encourage smart work where possible. Apple previously invited most of its employees to stay at home, although there are no secrecy concerns.

This means that not all Apple Bay Area stores will reopen on March 27 as scheduled by Apple, but April 7. To date, there are 335 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in California, including an employee working in an Apple Store.