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New Mobistar pricing plans: Test-Achats rather satisfied

New Mobistar pricing plans: Test-Achats rather satisfied

After Monday's announcement by Mobistar adapting its tariff plans for mobile telephony, Test-Achats considers that it is a very good thing that an operator exercises self-criticism. The consumer association is nonetheless wondering about the period chosen by the operator to adapt its offer, while a European directive will soon be transposed into Belgian law.

"It is very good that an operator admits that the Belgian market is problematic. We are therefore a priori satisfied to see a more transparent offer ”, commented the spokesman for Test-Achats Nico De Bie, the Belga agency.

Test-Achats applauds Mobistar’s initiative to reduce its tariff plans to four offers when, according to a recent survey, 76% of Belgians want clearer and more understandable prices in the field of mobile telephony. The consumer association also supports Mobistar’s move to reduce the length of its contracts; new customers can cancel their subscription after one month.

Does Mobistar want to attract new customers before the introduction of a new law?

Test-Achats nevertheless wonders about the strategy adopted by the operator when a European directive could be transposed into Belgian law before summer “If the government and the parliament respect their timing”. This directive provides for the possibility of terminating a contract free of charge after six months and aims to facilitate the change of operator for the customer. “By offering a 20% discount for its 12-month contracts, Mobistar may wish to attract new customers before the entry into force of the new law which could only affect new contracts”, reports Mr. De Bie. The directive also aims to facilitate the comparison of offers between operators. De Bie believes that reducing Mobistar's pricing plans is a step in the right direction. Test-Achats nevertheless wants more transparency from Mobistar like other operators in joint offers.

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(Source: Belga)