Apple Plans

new maps are now available

After a very difficult start-up and a long improvement phase, Apple has finally completed a long process of revising its Plans application.

Apple Plans

The announcement officially comes from Apple, which has done meticulous redesign bringing a much smoother, intuitive and precise browsing experience. The company has worked on incorporating numerous improvements in terms of details, significantly improving road coverage and different points of interest in order to provide the best possible user experience.

Look Around now brings a fantastic view of the street with high-resolution 3D photographs that can only be used for New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and Oahu. However, the company has assured that new cities will arrive soon.

Apple Plans

The investments made by Apple undoubtedly seem very important and the card maintenance work will be just as important thanks to the various means equipped with the LIDAR system which will continue to operate to maintain the maximum fidelity of the cards. The company has also worked hard to maximize the level of user privacy, by experiencing all tracking of the user's positioning and navigation data in Apple Maps.

For now, as easy to imagine, this novelty only concerns the United States, but soon European users will also be able to benefit from the excellent work accomplished by the company of Cupertino.