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New Mac Pro to be unveiled in 2019

New Mac Pro to be unveiled in 2019

New Mac Pro to be unveiled in 2019

imac pro iconFor the iPhone, there is little mystery in general about the launch date of the new generation. With a few exceptions, it is once a year and always fall.

With apple computers, it is very different and a new rumor announces today the marketing of a new Mac Pro from next year.

a new mac pro in 2019?

If the announcement made by the agency Bloomberg is attractive, this rumor has not been the subject of a full article. We discovered this noise of corridors around a paper on Intel chips.

Specialist Mark Gurman explains that Apple has "plans to add a house chip in the new version of Mac Pro, which will be released next year". But there is not the slightest additional detail.

The only other information to retain from this source is that the MacBook Pro should however benefit from an update this year.

macbook smart keyboard


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