New Mac Pro: Calvin Harris is a privileged person, he already has it!

New Mac Pro: Calvin Harris is a privileged person, he already has it!

os-x-el-capitan ipa iphoneThe release of the new Mac Pro should not delay. Announcing a launch in autumn 2019, Apple should soon release his new Mac very expected. Yesterday, several followers subscribed to the Instagram account of Calvin Harris, have seen a device that is t familiar … The Mac Pro! Apparently Apple already seems to have ready the Mac Pro several artists, including Calvin Harris.

Aperu in a corner of the studio

In the greatest of secrets, the Californian firm has currently deployed Mac Pro in several music professionals, but also may be other sectors. This loan would allow the California firm to see if the new Mac Pro meets the needs of professionals with all the speed and fluidity that we know about Apple products.

mac pro

The image that was screened on one of the DJ's stories, shows a Mac Pro pos in a corner of the studio where Calvin Harris works. Not surprisingly, this discovery is good news, since it shows that the Mac Pro is close to marketing. Apple would never lend a product, if it was not sure of its proper functioning.

mac pro apple

Still no specific date

The Mac Pro is mainly businesses, artists and any other creative arts professionals who are waiting for it. With the characteristics it has, the slowness do not exist !
Announced for launch this fall, no specific date has been communicated by Apple. The price should start from 5000 to up to 40,000 according to the configuration selected during the purchase.