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New iPhone XI: a photo block of the same color?

New iPhone XI: a photo block of the same color?

iphone xi iphone 11 iconAgain and again the new iPhone XI. After having detailed its probable novelties, we were treated this week to a video putting in scene the three models: iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XI R. They were models "models" (or dummies in English) that the youtuber Brownlee brands had recovered.

On this basis, Ben geskin, which had recently compared the iPhone XS and the iPhone XI, has produced a set-up that places the next iPhone XI and XI Max from the back. As a few weeks ago, it is the gold color which reveals a special feature around the famous square photo block.

A tone on tone square photo block on the iPhone XI 2019?

Critical before even being released, the iiPhone XI (or iPhone 11) should have a triple photo sensor on the back, all wrapped in a square photo block with rounded edges. Unsightly, this block was supposed to be black on all the colors of the iPhone 2019 range. But according to Geskin, there would only be the optics in black, the rest so much melted in the mass, tone on tone with the rest of the glass back.

Here is the result, followed by an image from Twitter of Brownlee brands who opts for a black block, whatever the color of the iPhone XI:

iphone xi or iiphone xi max iphone 11

iphone xi gold black photo block

Another iPhone XI, this time in black and on the side

By delving into Geskin's account, we also found other images of the future iPhone XI / 11, notably with this beautiful shiny black color. If the color is not very interesting, however we see the iPhone on the side. This allows you to get an idea of ​​the thickness – or rather of the finesse – of this satan photo block. And finally, he would be rather discreet.

What do you think of this iPhone XI? To find out about the other new products expected, the likely price and the release date, I invite you to re-read our full article on the iPhone XI planned for September 2019.

iphone xi black cote geskiniphone xi black back geskin