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New iPhone 5 rvls tuis

New iPhone 5 rvls tuis

New recently revealed cases confirm that the new iPhone will have a completely redesigned design compared to the iPhone 4.

Certainly the arrival of the iPhone 5 will have provoked a lot of revelations from the props. In evidence, this new information reported by the site Apple Insider which says it has found a series of new cases for the next generation of Apple’s smartphones. These are silicone cases whose shapes suggest that the design of the next iPhone will be very different from the model we know today. Designed by the Asian manufacturer L&Y Technology, the shapes of these new tuis are comparable to the various rumors advanced in recent months. namely, a thinner thickness, a wider screen and a back shell taking the curved shape of the iPad 2. note that the Mute button would now pass on the right side of the device and that the volume control buttons will be found under an extended module as it was already the case with the iPhone 3GS.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via Apple Insider )