New in Netflix February 2021: series and movies to watch

Here we go ! The list of new Netflix releases for February 2021 has just arrived! Each month, the editorial staff of Phonandroid unveils the new series and films offered in the Netflix catalog. Autumn has arrived with its rainy evenings. The perfect opportunity to sit comfortably on the sofa and watch the streaming platform. Here are the best series of the moment to binge-watcher without shame. Do you prefer films? Here too, we have what you need! Follow the guide !

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Credit: Netflix

Hear dear readers! We have great news for you! The editorial staff of Phonandroid has decided to please fans of series and films subscribed to Netflix. The SVOD service is the most successful in France, we ourselves are all subscribed to the editorial staff. So you can imagine that we too are having discussions on the last series released, our favorites, our films not to be missed, our super interesting documentaries. In short, we also love cinema and series at Phonandroid and we wanted to share this passion with you

So we decided to give you an update every month on the best series and the best movies to watch on Netflix. For the youngest, we advise you to consult the list of the best cartoons in the catalog. If you are looking for something specific, use the secret codes to access Netflix categories.

We will therefore give you a full update every month on the novelties of the catalog, but not only. As the goal is to share our passion, we will make you a small selection of three series and films not to be missed. Remember that movies and series disappear from the Netflix catalog every month for broadcast rights reasons. The selection below only evokes the novelties of the VOD service and not the disappearances. If you’ve already seen the works available on Netflix, we invite you to take a look at the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

The editorial staff’s favorite

Malcom & Marie

This particularly anticipated film and directed by Sam Levinson is due to the performance of two popular actors: John David Washington, whom you could discover in Tenet by Christopher Nolan, and Zendaya, sparkling in The Greatest Showman. In this romantic drama filmed entirely in black and white, the viewer is invited to follow the slow descent into hell of a tight-knit couple, as revelations about their relationship begin to surface. A poignant feature film, as much for its staging as for the performance of the two actors.

The best Netflix series of February 2021

Tripes of Europa (February 19)

In this ambitious science fiction series set in 2074, three brothers and sisters will do everything to change the fate of Europe after a global cataclysm. Totally shattered, Europe is now made up of clans and tribes who are tearing themselves apart for the domination of these new lands. Caught in spite of themselves in a conflict that overtakes them, Kiano, Liv and Elja will have to find their way in this hostile and violent world.

In the kitchen with Naydya (season 1)

Find Nadiya Hussain, winner of a famous television cooking competition, in this culinary show centered this time around pastry and bakery. The conductor and author reminds us here of her great talents, and can even give great ideas to spectators who want to get their hands dirty during this curfew period.

Series added to the Netflix catalog

  • 44 cats (season 2): February 1
  • Lego Ninjago (season 2): February 1
  • Kid Cosmic: February 2
  • Mighty Express (season 2): February 2
  • Tiffany Haddish presents: They Ready (season 2): February 2
  • Always there for you (season 1): February 3
  • The invisible city (season 1): February 3
  • Ax (season 2): February 5
  • Capitani (season 1): February 11
  • In the kitchen with Nadiya (season 1): February 12
  • Rest in Peace with the Bernardines: February 12
  • My friend Adèle: February 17
  • Tribes of Europa: February 19

The best Netflix movies of February 2021


Attention UFO approaching. In this totally psychedelic and scary thriller at times, we find this sacred Nicolas Cage in a rather explosive role. In 1983, Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) and his wife Mandy Bloom lead a peaceful existence in their house lost in the woods. Only, the members of a sect led by a sadist will come and break this happiness forever. Driven by revenge, Red Miller will be taken on a bloody journey. It’s very simple, like it or not, but just for Nicolas Cage’s performance, we recommend that you take a look, keeping the children away from the screen.

To all the boys: forever and ever

We change the mood radically with the last part of the To All Boys saga. In this third and final episode, we will finally know if the two protagonists finally end up together. Here, Lara Jean Corvey is preparing to leave high school and enter the workforce. Only two trips will bring him to review his projects, and imagine his life with Peter in particular.

Movies added to the Netflix catalog

  • SWAT Firefight: February 1
  • The tournament: February 1
  • Lascars: February 1
  • The cream of the crop: February 1
  • Never Back Down 2 – The Beatdown: February 1
  • Shaun the Sheep the Movie: February 1
  • All my friends are dead: February 3
  • Malcom & Marie: February 5
  • Space Sweepers: February 5
  • Little Big Women: February 5
  • L’ultimo paradiso: February 5
  • Pole Dance – Upper Body: February 5
  • Mandy: February 6
  • Fifty Shades Lighter: February 7
  • The Ying Yang Master – Dream of Eternity: February 7
  • Won’t You Be My Neighboor: February 7
  • By the way pĂ©cho: February 10
  • Moving Targets (Red Dot): February 11
  • Love Power Thousand: February 11
  • The Great Adventure of a Golden Dog: February 12
  • To all the boys – forever and ever: February 12
  • Odio: February 12
  • Save Who Can: February 16
  • I care a lot: February 19
  • Crazy about you: February 26

The best Netflix documentaries and shows from February 2021


On February 23, 2021, Netflix is ​​delivering a documentary that promises to be fascinating on the Brazilian football legend: Pelé. With the help of exclusive interviews with the legendary player, never-before-seen archive footage and interviews with his teammates, relive the 12 years during which Pelé achieved the feat, still unparalleled by the way, of winning three consecutive world cups.

Documentaries added to the Netflix catalog

  • Crime scene – the missing person from Cecil Hotel: February 10
  • PelĂ©: February 23

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