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New fraud on the App Store

Only a few days after the case of iTunes accounts “hacks”Produced by a Vietnamese developer, it’s the turn of a chinese promoter, named WiiSHii who attacked the "Travel" section this time. Several of its applications, all starting with the name "Gyogo", quickly found their way onto the top of the App Store as shown in the screenshot above.

In addition, at least one user has complained that they have been charged for downloading all of this software.

It is therefore clear that WiiSHii has “hacked” iTunes accounts to see their apps appear in the top 100.

It is probably high time that Apple recruited its fraud repression specialist. Anyway, the Cupertino company has once again reacted very quickly to the incident by removing from the App Store all applications of this vicious developer.

To date, we know of no fraud concerning Belgium, but always remain vigilant by checking the history of your iTunes statements.

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