New Fortnite Update Offers Free Battle Pass

New Fortnite Update Offers Free Battle Pass

New Fortnite Update Offers Free Battle Pass

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Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now and you can bet that Epic Games wants it to stay that way. How? By constantly updating the game with new content like skins, weapons, loot, Challenges, etc. Update 7.40 contains many freebies, including a free Battle Pass and a new opportunity for players to buy items from each other. Let's see what's new at Fortnite.

Free Battle Pass?

Players know there are different degrees of “free”, depending on who is offering it. The situation here is that you can get the Battle Pass next season without spending any money, if you can win it. Due to the delayed update, Fortnite's 10 week challenge schedule is already over. Epic therefore launched a series of overtime challenges in the new patch.

Complete these challenges in overtime before February 27 and you will receive the Season 8 Battle pass for free (normally 950 V-Bucks – around $ 10). With the Battle Pass, you will instantly receive two Season 8 outfits and you can win up to five more. And as any player knows, venturing out with the default skin on is considered veryguache.

It's a generous gesture from Epic Games, but it makes sense: with the resounding success of Apex Legends, players may be tempted to turn to the competitor during Fortnite's off-season, but the price of a free pass could keep them focused on Fortnite for the next few months.

Shower your friends with gifts

The gift is back, but only until February 22, so let your teammates know that you love them with a thoughtful gift. For a seasonal treat on Valentine's Day, you can send the Heartspan glider for free your property -Love until Friday, February 15 at 7 p.m. ET.

New weapons and gameplay changes

The new weapon featured in this update is the infantry rifle, a precise semi-automatic weapon that has a good range and deals twice as much bullet damage to the head. Bush consumables have been improved, Hand Cannon slightly ballott and rocket launchers are no longer likely to end up in the trunks. Instead, the focus is on stock declines. And to celebrate Valentine's Day, Cupid’s Crossbow has not been destroyed for a limited time.

Perhaps more important than weapon changes is a new boost given to players after a kill. After eliminating an enemy, you now gain 50 life / shield and 50 for each material. This is an important reward for a kill and makes you less vulnerable after a change of fire, especially if there are others hiding around a fight to try to win an injured winner.

LTM: Team Rumble and Catch!

As previously mentioned, the LTM playlists will alternate every other day to allow different types of LTM to be available during the course of a week. The LTM should be refreshed on Thursdays and Saturdays. At the moment, the LTM are:

  • Capture!which removes all weapons and makes available only different types of grenades and thrown objects. Fortunately, with Port-a-Forts, Shockwave Grenades, Remote Explosives, Pulse Grenades, etc., there are still many different tactics try within these limits.
  • Team Rumblepits two team standards against each other, the first team to get 100 kills winning the game.

The season 7 fight pass

Each season comes with its own Battle Pass. Epic Games has announced that over 100 new exclusive rewards are ready to be unlocked, including weapon and vehicle wraps and new skins. The price? Still stable at 950 V-dollars .

And much more…

These are the main changes to the content of Fortnite Battle Royale, but there is still a lot to do, including balance adjustments, new challenges, bug fixes, and practical improvements. improvements for mobile devices and new tournaments are also being organized.

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