New Fortely Peely Style Is A Nightmare Fuel – GKZ Hitech

Lnement Fortnitemares brought us several new skins and new variants for existing skins. This leaked Peely skin could be the scariest of the gang.

With the release of Ghoul Trooper last night, we have almost completed the rotation of Fortnitemares Item Shop for Halloween 2019. This year could mark Epic's greatest commitment to the Halloween season with more than 10 aesthetic updates from the Shop.

A few spooky skins come and go, but the scariest has not yet been published: a Peely style. The community first saw the horror through the Polish trailer of Fortnitemares.

Epic subsequently released an official skin trailer, informing us that we will have the Peely zombie tonight.

We have seen all the Fortnite skins that have leaked for Fortnitemares, except for the Peely skeleton. The skin is equipped with intestines and everything. It's hard to imagine a more disturbing look inside a banana.

Peely has become the skin of the sledge by default since its publication in Season 8. Getting killed by a team of bananas is always devastating.

This guy, however, is really terrifying.

Via: @official_trimix

Unfortunately, it looks like this variant will be a separate skin. We will have to buy the item store if we want to have access to the skeleton banana.

Are you going to choose the new Peely variant or is it too weird your taste? Let us know in the comments.