Free extends its mobile plan 8.99 per month but with 60 GB of data

new destinations within 25 GB / month in roaming

After Russia last month before the Football World Cup, Free adds new destinations included in the 25 GB per month of data in roaming (in 3G).

This international roaming for mobile Internet now includes Brazil, the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, the Isle of Man as well as from Ukraine.


These new destinations are included today and automatically for both new subscribers and old subscribers with the package at € 19.99 / month (or € 15.99 / month for Freebox subscribers).

The mobile Internet roaming envelope (around fifty destinations now) is added to that offered in the package in mainland France, namely unlimited in 4G or 100 GB depending on a Freebox subscription or not.

Note that beyond 25 GB / month on 3G, the off plan is € 7.50 / MB from Brazil, € 0.057 / MB from Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, € 4.95 / Mo from Ukraine.