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New apps will support Shortcuts (from Siri)

siri raccourcis De nouvelles applications vont prendre en charge Raccourcis (de Siri)

siri shortcuts New apps will support Shortcuts (from Siri)

Apple announced that new apps will support Shortcuts (Siri Shortcuts). Among these applications we will find:

  • American airlines : Siri shortcuts will include flight status, airport map with gate position, estimated time to walk to boarding gate, boarding time, etc.
  • Caviar : For this meal delivery application, it will be possible to order your usual pizza with Siri or to check the status of an order in progress.
  • Dexcom : It is a tracking application for people with diabetes. It becomes possible to ask Siri for his glucose level.
  • Airbnb : Siri shortcuts should arrive by April on Airbnb. It will allow you to ask Siri for check-in / check-out times, accommodation address and card and finally, ask for the WiFi password from Siri.

Apple recalls that Thousands of apps already support Siri shortcuts, which was one of the key features of iOS 12. The company cites examples, among which: Waze, DSLR Camera, Evernote, Trello, Citymapper, Kayak,, Lufthansa, and many others.

As a reminder, Siri shortcuts allow you to create automatic tasks activated by voice command.

Are you already using Siri shortcuts? What do you think of this feature? Tell us all in the comments.

Florent Lanne

Passionate about new technology, I am a writer for I evolve in the Apple ecosystem and that is why I write information about it.

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