5.5 inch and 4G smartphone with Android Lollipop 110 euros

new Android Lollipop updates

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Ah, that they announce. But my French Note 3 bought naked, it still hasn't gone to Lollipop. So I doubt …

Lolipop is already available for note3

Same case, Note 3 bought naked, not root, still in 4.4.2, checked samsung kies and OTA … Do not believe everything we read in the articles, just a rumor and everyone announces the update, except that, officially, to date, Samsung announces Lollipop for the Note 3 in the following way: "Imminent update" (I'm not talking about No or Lite, I'm talking about SM-N9005).
PS: I have 2 colleagues who are in the same case, it deserves to reassure me and to pester after all these sites which advertise things without checking …