Dickinson : Finn Jones et Pico Alexander

new actors for the second season

Recently, we announced that Apple had renewed the series "Dickinson" on Apple TV + for a second season and that before the beginning of the shooting, the casting of the new roles had begun.

Dickinson: Finn Jones and Pico Alexander

According to Variety, Finn Jones and Pico Alexander will be in the second season. Jones will play the role of Samuel Bowles, a newspaper editor who was a very dear friend of Dickinson, and he was also supposed to be a romantic interest to which Dickinson was referring in some of his poems.

Jones, known to have played Loras Tyrell during the first seasons of "The Throne of Swords" and Marvel's "Iron Fist" series by Netflix Marvel, will play Henry "Ship" Shipley, a boy who dropped out of Amherst College.

In addition to these new players, the second season will also include much of the cast of the first season, including Steinfeld in the role of Emily Dickinson and Jane Krakowski in the role of mother.

We do not know when the second season of "Dickinson" will be previewed, but it is likely that we will have to wait several more months, probably until autumn 2020.