New 3DS Ambassador Edition announces and sells sal price on eBay

New 3DS Ambassador Edition announces and sells sal price on eBay

New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition - logo

Nintendo has frankly announced the marketing of a special edition of the New 3DS, the new model of the portable console, near certain members of Club Nintendo in Europe. As a result, some smart guys are already selling the gold price machine on the Net.

Scheduled to be released this year in Europe, the New 3DS presents itself as the new model of Nintendo's portable console. The machine offers some new features compared to the currently marketed version, including a second analog stick, additional triggers or even higher performance.

New 3DS Ambassador Edition - 1 "height =" 101 "width =" 230Nintendo announced through Satoru Shibata, president of Nintendo of Europe, the marketing of the New 3DS in preview to its best customers. Thus, some members of the European Club Nintendo have received an email offering to buy a collector's version, called Ambassador Edition.

The latter sports an exclusive Ambassador shell, as well as a unique shell bearing the image of Super Smash Bros. and a matching charging base. The offer also includes a stylus, a 4 GB microSDHC memory card and 6 augmented reality cards.

The price is indicated at 199 euros and the order must be made before January 12, 2015. Delivery will be completed by January 23.

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It is clear that success is at the rendezvous and that some players intend to benefit from it. Indeed, many consoles not yet delivered are already on sale at relatively high prices on the auction site eBay.