Neufbox: SFR is preparing 3G antennas at home?

Really harmless 3G at home from SFR?

Image 1: Neufbox: SFR is preparing 3G antennas at home?

According to information from our colleagues at Tom’s Hardware, SFR should soon be offering a box incorporating 3G technology in addition to its Neufbox. In particular, it will allow subscribers to better receive the mobile network at home.

A home antenna?

It is a reader of Tom’s Hardware who was confirmed the offer by phone. Concretely, an additional box using femtocell technology is connected to the Neufbox, With a range of fifteen meters, it allows four registered users to use the network deployed by it. It thus replaces the operator’s traditional cellular network. It targets subscribers with very poor 3G reception at home. Contacted by our colleagues, SFR said to reserve its communication on this subject until next week.

With a reduced range, the box therefore very weakly transmits the waves necessary for telephony. However, in the midst of the debate on the safety of relay antennas, while the Grenelle des Ondes was very cautious according to the associations, it will be interesting to know how SFR will present and justify the use of this technology.

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