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Like other platforms, Netflix for Android is both easy to use, ergonomic and focused on the latest movies and TV series and recommended according to everyone’s tastes. An application that is as well optimized on smartphones as on tablets to watch and download movies and TV series everywhere with you.

The benchmark VOD service on Android

The Netflix Video On Demand service arrived in France in 2014 and is available on a host of platforms, web browsers, game consoles and of course for Android smartphones and tablets. If the appreciation of the quality of the programs is a question of tastes and needs, Netflix is ​​a real success internationally and in France.

The platform stands out thanks to the creation of many original content such as TV series like The Witcher, Stranger Things or La Casa de Papel. Slightly less striking in terms of films, the original creations also give way to a catalog of films updated regularly with the appearance of new titles and great classics.


How to take advantage of the platform on Android?

When using Netflix for the first time, three subscriptions are available and allow you to enjoy HD or Ultra HD quality and several screens available simultaneously. In all cases, the subscription can be canceled at any time and 5 profiles can be created to take advantage of it between family members or friends. Then simply download the application on your Android smartphone or tablet, identify yourself and choose or create a profile.

Features in detail

The home page of the Netflix app for Android allows you to watch trailers of the latest news in terms of movies, TV series and original content. In addition to current trends, recently viewed programs can be resumed when playback previously stopped. Via the tabs at the top, it is possible to display the catalog of series and films and then choose a genre between comedy programs, action, dramas, documentaries, science fiction or stand-up.

A search engine is also accessible via the magnifying glass icon located at the bottom of the interface. The most popular programs are highlighted and it is possible to search by genre or by the name of a performer.

Also via the lower menu, it is possible to access notifications about new products or new seasons announced or available via teasers, trailers and information on new products coming soon.

The options on the application are available with the possibility of managing profiles and several options such as video resolution.

Reading options

Netflix allows a fluid and intuitive reading of films and series from its catalog. Depending on the content, the application offers several languages ​​for audio and subtitles. Shortcuts also allow you to fast forward or backward through the video, go to the next episode and change the brightness with a simple slider.

The application also provides several practical functions when watching a series such as the list of episodes at a glance and the possibility of skipping the credits at the start and end of each episode.

Depending on Android devices, Netflix offers to create a pop-up window over other apps. Also called picture-in-picture, this feature allows you to continue enjoying your series or film while continuing your activities on your device.

Download movies and TV series to watch them offline

Netflix for Android also offers to download a large number of movies and TV series, including almost all of the original content from the platform. It is thus possible to download entire seasons to your device via Wi-Fi in order to watch them later without a connection and thus make significant savings in mobile data.

The app has a dedicated menu that allows you to view the list of content downloaded to the device, to watch programs and to delete them once viewed. An automatic download option is also integrated and simplifies the management and downloading of episodes of a series.

For example, once the option is activated, if someone downloads the first episode and watches it, it will be automatically deleted the next time they connect to a Wi-Fi network and the next episode will be automatically downloaded to the device. . A simple way to free up disk space and not worry about downloading the next episode.

Its grip

Optimized for tablets and smartphones, the Netflix interface is simple to use, well thought out and makes it easy to discover new titles via trends, recommendations and the search engine.

Note also the possibility of creating among the 5 possible profiles, one or more dedicated to children with content exclusively dedicated to the youngest with cartoons, animated films, children’s series, adventure films, action and science fiction.