Netflix: top 10 best Christmas movies

Netflix adapts its catalog throughout the year, but also and especially with the approach of Christmas! The streaming platform offers a very dense selection of films, series and documentaries. In all this content, we have selected our top 10 Christmas movies for you to watch, alone or with your family.

netflix movies christmas

Between new releases and programs that silently disappear, the Netflix catalog changes throughout the year. So, it’s not always easy to navigate. We therefore offer you our selection of movies and series to watch on Netflix every month! And, as the end of year holidays approach, we advise you our top 10 Christmas movies !

This year, the VOD giant has gone all out on seasonal films with many new productions. To go even further in exploring the catalog, do not hesitate to test these few secret codes allowing you to discover all the categories of Christmas movies on Netflix. If seasonal feature films aren’t your thing (we’re not judging you), we also invite you to check out our selection of the best films on Netflix.

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Jingle Jangle: An Enchanted Christmas

Jeronicus Jangle (Forest Whitaker) is an inventor of wacky and wacky toys. After years without success, he lost confidence in his talent and gave up designing toys for children. One day, he comes across a magical invention and decides to build a sublime toy to give to his little girl for Christmas. This Christmas musical will delight young and old.

A Christmas fallen from the sky

In this seasonal romance film, a parliamentary assistant on a trip to the tropics to prepare for the closure of an air base falls madly in love with a tender-hearted pilot. Despite its worn-out screenplay, the feature film will appeal to artichoke hearts.


Sloane and Jackson are real grinch. Unlike their respective families, they hate the Christmas season. Each year, they invariably find themselves next to each other at the children’s table. The two hardened bachelors are also under pressure from their parents who seek to settle them with anyone. Reunited by their bad humor, they will end up loving each other … A comedy as funny as it is touching.

The Princess Of Chicago 1 & 2

A Chicago pastry chef realizes that the Princess of Montenaro is her perfect double! To escape her royal obligations, the princess will ask the modest pastry chef to take her place for a time. The two main characters are played by Vanessa Hudgens, famous since her role in High School Musical.

Having become Queen, Duchess Margaret no longer manages to have a good time with Kevin. To free up some free time, she once again exchanges places with Stacy. The arrival of Fiona, a new drunken and irresponsible double, will upset all their plans … This second film takes the ingredients of the first opus: magical settings and good-natured humor.

Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2

A true modern tale, the first part tells us the story, as moving as it is eventful, of a New Year’s Eve like no other. A brother and a sister who are opposed will have to learn to find each other in order to save the spirit of Christmas. We have rarely cried so much in front of a Netflix production! Cherry on the cake: Kurt Russell as an irreverent and loudmouthed Santa Claus who covers Elvis Presley’s hits in prison. A must !

In the same spirit, the second opus takes us to the North Pole in the village of Santa Claus. Kate Pierce, the heroine of the first film who has become a cynical and rebellious teenager, finds her childlike soul by once again assisting Santa Claus on New Year’s Eve. The young girl will try to prevent a plot to destroy Christmas with the help of the elves and Mother Christmas.

The Grinch

Embittered and jealous, the Grinch, an obnoxious greenish creature, decides to deprive the people of Whoville of their Christmas presents. Disguised as Santa Claus, he steals all the presents in town during the night. Cindy Lou, a patient and tender-hearted girl, will bring the old ogre to his senses. This adaptation of Dr Seuss’ novel, “The Grumpy Man Who Wanted to Spoil Christmas,” stars Jim Carrey in the lead role.


Jasper, a clumsy, lazy mailman who parachuted to a glacial island in the Arctic Circle to establish a post office, meets a mysterious bearded carpenter named Klaus. The man lives as a recluse in a chalet crammed with homemade toys. The two men will quickly become friends to bring a little joy and kindness to the inhabitants of a small snowy town, Smeerensburg. A superb animated film, accessible free of charge to all Internet users.

Love flakes

Based on the novel Let it snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle, the film tells the story of Gracetown, a small town hit by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. In the cast of the film, we find in particular Kiernan Shipka, the heroine of “New Adventures of Sabrina”. The footage focuses on the New Years Eve of a handful of characters at the turn of their lives. As honeyed as agreed, the film will especially delight fans of films with rose water.

Christmas Alchemy

A medieval knight named Sir Cole is propelled into our time following a curse. Arrived in the 21st century, he will quickly fall in love with Brooke, a disenchanted young science teacher. An unpretentious Christmas movie to watch by the fireside surrounded by your loved ones. A great surprise.

The A Christmas Prince trilogy

Even more deliciously honeyed, we warmly recommend Christmas Prince. The story begins in Aldovia, a fictional country ruled by a particularly rigid and strict monarchy. Seeking the ultimate scoop, a journalist infiltrates the royal castle… and ends up meeting Richard, the handsome dark prince. To watch especially for these superb decorations.

The second opus takes almost literally the recipe of the first: good feelings, glitzy snowy scenery, characters dripping with good feelings and an acting game that can sometimes be improved. The Royal Wedding is nevertheless distinguished by its inventive scenario. Thanks to its inventive writing, the film manages to maintain a certain amount of suspense.

In the third installment, the prince and princess of Aldovia prepare to become parents. But first, Amber and her companion Richard will once again have to save the kingdom from a terrible threat. This year, the two lovebirds have a mission to renew an ancestral truce with the queen and the king of Penglia. This is already the third film in the saga, which began at the end of 2017. The trilogy is ideal for occupying your long winter evenings and giving you the Christmas spirit in record time!