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Netflix performance index: Free passes SFR


During its last performance report, the Netflix platform ranked Free and SFR good last in terms of bit rates in France, today little change, but Free goes up in the ranking.

Among all the French Internet service providers, Free has always been designated by Netflix as the operator to offer the worst experience to users.

In question, bit rates too limited to take full advantage of Netflix services, whose video quality adapts to the available bit rate.

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Last month, Free was last behind SFR, but things are changing. Free is now in front of SFR with an average speed found of 3.25 Mbps on Netflix against 3.18 Mbps for SFR.

At the top of the ranking, like last month, Numéricâble dominates with an average of 3.87 Mbps, ahead of Bouygues with 3.81 Mbps. Note in passing that all of the displayed speeds remain particularly low, but that the development is fortunately going in the right direction, if not SFR which seems to stagnate since the arrival of service in France.