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Netflix Party: how to watch movies and srie several each from home

Netflix Party is a very useful Chrome extension during confinement since it allows you to organize binge watching sessions with friends on Netflix, while staying at home to avoid any risk of contamination. We tell you all about how to use this extension!

Netflix Credit: Stock Photos via Flickr

Has containment got the better of your evenings with friends? However, there are tons of things to do together … behind your computer. What if we told you for example thatit is possible to organize binge watching evenings while staying at home ? Be careful, we are not talking here about simply making an appointment at a certain time to decide to watch the same thing together, but with full experience: when you pause the content, for example, it must be in everyone's break.

And you can watch the same thing at exactly the same time. It also has to be possible to chat live. And that finding the content to share is particularly easy. This is where the Chrome Netflix Party extension comes in.. The idea is very simple: you go to Netflix content – you then get a link to share with your friends. The extension takes care of synchronizing the reading and opening a chat window. You will thus have the closest successor to real binge watching evenings between friends.

How to organize virtual binge watching evenings on Netflix

For this it is very simple:

Netflix Party Crédits: Phonandroid
  • Click on the extension icon
  • Click on the button Start the party
  • Copy and send the link gnr to your friends
Netflix Party Netflix Party also opens a chat window that allows you to chat live with your friends / Credits: Phonandroid
  • You will see if your friends are connected in the chat window

Note that your friends will need to have an active Netflix account to be able to join the binge watching session. At any time, if you or a friend of yours pauses the movie or series, everyone will be on pause. You can restrict the control of your computer. For that checkOnly I have control before clicking onStart the party.

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Did you use the extension? What did you think? Share your feedback in the comments!

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