Netflix introduces an “audio only” mode to do without images

Netflix introduces a new feature on its Android application: the ability to cut the image in order to enjoy only the audio. An option that could presage the release of content only focused on audio.

Audio Only mode. Credit: Audroid Police

Watch a Netflix series… without watching it? Here is an incongruous idea. Yet this is the heart of the new Netflix feature called Audio Only. This option, as its name suggests, cuts the image so that you only enjoy the sound.

This feature was spotted by Android Police and is currently not available only for a handful of Android app users. To activate it, all you have to do is launch a content and press “Video Off”. Thus, you will only have the sound, via the speakers of the phone or via the headphones.

This option may seem odd. But removing the image will allow you to enjoy content while saving some battery. The question of the interest of such a thing then arises. This could be the premises of the arrival contained more focused on audio than video, like podcasts. As it stands, it is indeed difficult to enjoy Netflix without the image. Strictly speaking, this can go to documentaries, but not to series.

Netflix gives the user choice

We can why not imagine the emergence of content designed for connected speakers, especially since Netflix is ​​already available on the Amazon Echo Show (which has a screen). But we’re in the realm of guessing, with Netflix not having any such announcements yet.

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In any case, the platform gives the user the choice with this Audio Only option. The thing is somewhat reminiscent of the accelerated mode, which arrived a few months ago. This mode speeds up the pace of a video to consume it faster. If this feature has been talked about, it is now part of the decor. Netflix also launched a Direct mode in France recently, which broadcasts series in a linear fashion, like on television.

It remains to be seen whether users will activate this Audio Only mode or not. After all, we’ve all started a series or movie by whatever comes to us every month on Netflix without paying attention, just to have some background sound while we’re busy doing other things, n ‘ is this not ?

Source: Android Police