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Netflix: how to identify and block unrecognized profiles?

Netflix allows multiple people to log into an account simultaneously. If your friends and family are abusing it, here’s how to reclaim your account.

Netflix Parasite

Imagine this situation: you come home from a long day of work or class. You only have one desire: to watch the last episode of your favorite series on Netflix, popcorn in hand. And there, a message is displayed:

Netflix error too many users“Oops, something went wrong … Your Netflix account is used on too many devices”

Who uses your Netflix account?

To get the answer, it’s very simple. Pass your cursor over the small arrow in the top right corner of the application, then on Account.

Going down a bit, you will find the option Recent streaming activity. This links you to a page describing the type of device and the user’s IP address, allowing you to identify it.

Recent Netflix Streaming Activity

Otherwise, it is possible to find the culprit based on account activity. Still in the account settings, section My profile, click on Historical. This tells you about the programs recently viewed by your account.

Netflix Activity History

You must know who this fan friend is How I Met Your Mother ?

How to block parasitic profiles?

First of all, you should try to talk to the people concerned about it. They will surely respect the fact that you pay this account and you must keep the priority of its use. Otherwise, there are two solutions.

Delete this person’s profile

To do this, pass again on the small arrow at the top right then click on Manage profiles (Also available in the account settings section My profile). You can then select a profile and delete it.

Certainly, the user will still have access to your Netflix account. But have confidence: no longer knowing where he was in the seven seasons of Orange Is the New Black can quickly discourage him from continuing to squat.

Disconnect all devices

Go once more to the account settings. Netflix offers the option Disconnect from all devices. Then you just have to change the password in the section Subscription and Billing. Thus, you will again be the sole holder of your account. So remember to give the new password to other legitimate users.

Here you are, you can finally watch your series while savoring the cry of the neighbor that you kicked out of your account.