Netflix engineers say

Netflix engineers say

Last week, the Netflix subscription video on demand service held its winter hackathon. A day during which more than 150 engineers and designers presented 70 hacks. The content of these hacks around Netflix has just been communicated. They are unlikely to see the light of day in a finished product, but the troops must have fun…

Among these hacks, darNES for a trip to the 1980s to provide Netflix access to the Nintendo Entertainment System or in other words to Nintendo's 8-bit NES game console. A very particular navigation in the catalog and an episode of the series "House Of Cards" to consult as you can.

The only thing we know about this hack is that the original hardware has not been modified and uses a cartridge that can store only 256 kb of data:

BEEP ensures that the user does not look away from the program broadcast via detection by the webcam. A very unpleasant noise reminds him to order:

In slightly more serious hacks, Netflix Earth is a real-time visualization of Netflix activity in the world on a terrestrial globe in 3D (Google Earth):

Say Whaaat !!! allows you to return to a missed dialog in a program by displaying the subtitles during a pause. The navigation can then be done subtitle by subtitle: