Netflix: a series is a huge hit in the world and it’s French

Lupine is on track to break records on Netflix. The French series is a hit in the world and has started on higher bases than La Casa de Papel or Le Jeu de la Dame. It could become the most popular non-English series on the platform.

Credit: Unsplash

One of the main novelties on Netflix at the start of 2021 is the French series Lupine, a reinterpretation of the legend of the famous gentleman-burglar Arsène Lupine by author Maurice Leblanc. In the casting in particular, Omar Sy, now well known internationally after a successful career in France.

Barely released, the series is already arousing enthusiasm. According to Netflix forecasts relayed by 20 Minutes, which are based on launch figures, Lupine should be viewed by 70 million homes in the world 28 days after release.

Lupine, finally a French Netflix series that is a hit

To compare, Bridgerton and The Lady’s Game, the two big hits of Netflix at the end of 2020, peak respectively at 63 and 32 million views according to the same calculation method (watching two minutes of the series is enough to be recorded).

Lupine is number 1 in France and in many countries, among which we can cite Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, the Philippines and even Sweden.

Consequence: Lupine is set to become not only Netflix’s most popular French series since the inception of the SVOD service, but also the most watched non-English series on the platform. On the other hand, it should not manage to surpass the number 1 all categories, The Witcher, which will soon give rise to an animated series. Some 76 million accounts have indeed viewed the adventures of the witcher.

Finally a French series manages to break through on Netflix internationally. The Germans had Dark, the Spaniards La Casa de Papel, the Brazilians 3%… For fans of OSS 117, we also recommend Au service de la France, an excellent French series available on Netflix about which we speak too little.

Source: 20 Minutes