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Nearly 100 million iPhones sold in 2011?

Nearly 100 million iPhones sold in 2011?

What if Apple sprayed its number of iPhones sold this year? In any case, this is what is claimed Digitimes which claims, according to its numerous industrial sources, that the Cupertino company has significantly increased the production of its smartphone by 12 to 13%, thus going from 50 to 56 million devices sold.

While we know that the iPhone 5 is coming soon and that it should cumulate sales of just over 25 million units sold for the second in the second half (5.5 million for the third quarter and 20 million for the fourth quarter). Add to that, the deliveries of iPhone 3GS (8Gb) and iPhone 4 which decline (more than 20 million in the third quarter against 8 million in the fourth), the total deliveries of iPhone for this year could well exceed 95 million units. A figure which is enough to leave dreams when we know that the Cupertino company sold 47 million iPhones in 2010, just under half of the estimates for this year!

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(Via Digitimes )