NDS4iOS: Nintendo DS emulator on iPhone & iPad

nds4ios emulateur nintendo ds - NDS4iOS : l

NDS4iOS, the emulator of Nintendo DS that works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch jailbroken or not, is now available for download. Similar to the first version of the popular emulator GBA4iOS for Game Boy Advance, NDS4iOS requires that the date be set to an earlier date, on devices that do not have a jailbreak.

nds4ios - NDS4iOS: the Nintendo DS emulator on iPhone & iPad

The emulator therefore allows users to play Nintendo DS directly on their devices, and is compatible with iOS 5 (from iOS 5.1.1), iOS 6 and iOS 7. NDS4iOS also includes features such as Dropbox integration, as well as a configuration menu that contains options for the pad style and button position.

Tutorial: install NDS4iOS on a jailbroken device

1) Launch Cydia, then add the source http://cydia.angelxwind.net/

2) Wait for the data to refresh, then search for “nds4ios”. You should then find two packages:

  • nds4ios (Stable): stable version, little update
  • nds4ios (Testing): test version, often updated

It’s up to you to download the one that suits you best. 😉

nds4ios emulator nintendo ds - NDS4iOS: the emulator Nintendo DS on iPhone & iPad

Tutorial: install NDS4iOS (non-jailbroken device)

1) Go to nds4ios.angelxwind.net then press the button Install nds4ios (Stable) via OTA or Install nds4ios (Testing) via OTA according to your preferences.

2) Once the download has started, go to Settings then General then Date and hour.

3) Deactivate “Automatic adjustment” then change the date to February 8, 2014.

All you have to do is download your ROMs directly from the application (you must of course have the original!) Or via SSH in / var / mobile / Documents /. Good game ! 😉